Trans abdominal ultrasound scan to assess the bladder and kidneys

Trans abdominal ultrasound scan. Some warm gel is applied to your lower abdomen and a probe is used to transmit ultrasound images to the screen for interpretation.

These scans are to assess your bladder and kidneys. For men we also image the prostate gland but provide a measurement only, not an assessment for prostate cancer.

These scans are done for many reasons e.g. pain in the back or pelvis, kidney stones, blood in the urine, incontinence, and bladder infections.





$280.00 for female pelvis and renal scan.


We required you to come with a full bladder. Please empty your bladder one and a half hours before your appointment, and then drink 750mls of water.

DO NOT empty your bladder before your scan.

Normal eating is allowed and please take normal medications.

What to expect

The sonographer will discuss the results with you. These results will be with your referrer in 1-2 days. If urgent the sonographer will phone your referrer.

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