We offer a range of paediatric (babies and children) scans.

  • Renal/kidney scans from birth.
  • Abdomen scans from birth.
  • Hip scans from 6 weeks – 6 months.
  • Spine scans from 6 weeks to 3 months.
  • Musculoskeletal and soft tissue scans from birth.

Why are they done?

Some scans are ordered as a follow up to findings seen in the antenatal scans.

Other scans are ordered due to family history of conditions, infections etc.

When are they done?

These scans can be done at any time.

How long do they take?

You should allow 20 minutes for a scan.



Preparing for the scan

No preparation for babies under 12 months.

No preparation for hips, spine or musculoskeletal scans.

Renal scan - a full bladder for toilet trained children.

Abdomen scan - water only for 4 hours prior to the appointment if possible.

Please bring toys, milk etc to comfort you little one should they get upset.

Please do not bring another child with you unless you have someone else with you to supervise them as you will need to look after and support your child that is being scanned.

What to expect

Your baby or child will be well looked after in a warm room with warm gel and with you beside them.

We endeavour not to disrupt your baby very much to do the scan but some clothing may need to be removed. Generally children and babies cope well with an ultrasound scan.

The sonographer will discuss the results with you. These results will be with your referrer in 1-2 days. If urgent the sonographer will phone your referrer.

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