Trans abdominal ultrasound scan plus a trans-vaginal (internal) scan.

Trans abdominal ultrasound scan. Some warm gel is applied to your lower abdomen and a probe is used to transmit ultrasound images to the screen for interpretation. A trans vaginal (internal) scan also required to fully assess your pelvis. You will be asked to empty your bladder and a probe will be inserted into the vagina as far as a tampon. This additional technique gives the best detail of the uterus and ovaries. You are able to decline this scan.

Why are they done

These scans are done for many reasons e.g. irregular cycle, post-menopausal bleeding, pain, infertility, mass assessment, ovarian cysts, endometriosis. They can also be done for urinary symptoms; we would need to scan the bladder and kidneys as well.

When are they done

The optimum time is between day 6 and day 10 of your cycle. If your periods are irregular then any time is acceptable.

How long it takes

20-30 min


  • $290.00

How to prepare for the scan

Please arrive with a full bladder. Drink 3 glasses of water 1 hour before your scan.

You must bring your referral with you. We cannot scan you without the referral from you doctor or midwife.

What to expect

The sonographer will discuss the results with you . These results will be with your referrer in 1-2 days. If urgent the sonographer will phone your referrer.

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