In addition to our Obstetric services, we also provide state of the art Diagnostic ultrasound services, including ultrasound guided injections and fine-needle aspiration.

Our longer appointment times and highly trained staff mean we can provide our clients with an extremely high standard of examination.

general ultrasounds

Trans abdominal ultrasound scan to assess the organs in the abdomen eg liver, spleen and kidney.

Trans-dermal ultrasound scan to assess tendon, ligaments and muscles.

This is a procedure where an ultrasound machine is used to guide a needle through the skin into an affected area with a high degree of precision.

Trans abdominal ultrasound scan to assess the bladder and kidneys

Trans-dermal ultrasound scan to assess the thyroid gland and other soft tissues.

Trans dermal ultrasound to assess the testes and associated soft tissue structures.

Trans abdominal or trans dermal ultrasound scan to assess arteries in the neck (carotid), kidneys (renal) or abdomen (aorta).

These scans are to look for a DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis) in the deep veins of the legs or arms.

Trans-dermal ultrasound scan. Assesses the breasts and surrounding structures.

We offer a range of paediatric (babies and children) scans.

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